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Securities trading & Insurance advice


For us, it is extremely important that you as a customer are satisfied with the services we offer you. In the event of any dissatisfaction, we ask you to contact the advisor you have been in contact with as soon as possible. If you are still not satisfied after contacting the advisor in question, please contact Ganthor's complaints manager.

We also ask you to provide relevant information in writing so that we can handle the case as efficiently as possible.

Customer complaints officer

Mattias Sandström
Ganthor AB
Norra Vallgatan 58, 211 22 Malmö
073 - 518 34 01

Customer complaints officer

Svensk Värdepappersservice AB
Grev Turegatan 14, 4tr. 114 46 Stockholm
081-213 29 20

Liability insurance

The insurance covers liability for damages that we may incur in connection with the insurance brokerage. If you suffer damage or financial loss where you believe that the intermediary's actions have caused this, you have the option of making a claim directly against the insurance company. If you want to make a claim for damages, you must notify the insurance intermediary within a reasonable time after you notice or fail to notice that a damage has occurred.

The insurance amount is the highest total compensation that If pays for damages, including interest, investigation, negotiation, trial, arbitration and rescue costs (by investigation and negotiation costs is meant the cost of work performed by other than If's personnel).

The maximum compensation that can be paid for an injury is an amount equal to 1,120,200 euros per injury or the higher amount, based on changes in the European consumer price index announced by the Commission of the European Communities every five years, starting in 2007.

The maximum compensation that can be paid in a year is an amount equal to one of the following, or the higher amount, based on changes in the European index of consumer prices, announced every five years by the Commission of the European Communities starting in 2007:

– At least 2,240,400 euros if the number of natural persons covered by the insurance at the beginning of the insurance period amounts to a maximum of 10.
– At least 3,360,600 euros if the number of natural persons covered by the insurance at the beginning of the insurance period is between 11 and 20.
– At least 4,480,800 euros if the number of natural persons covered by the insurance at the beginning of the insurance period exceeds 20.
The deductible is SEK 80,000.

Liability insurance is taken out with the following insurance companies:
Argo Global via Northern Europe Insurance
Address: Box 56044, 102 17 Stockholm
Telephone: 08-664 51 00
Web address:

Accounting & Consulting

We are members of the industry organization SRF

Our Authorized Accounting Consultants have a forward-looking and proactive perspective. We ensure that the quality of accounting and financial reporting already occurs in the ongoing work, instead of after the fact via audit. The ongoing customer contact during the year also means that our Authorized Accounting Consultants are well versed in your company's operations, and thus have good conditions to be an important advisor in the company's decisions and development of the business.

Srf Authorized Accounting Consultants® and accounting firms work according to the current industry standard, Rex – Swedish standard for accounting assignments. Rex is based on Nordic principles for accounting services and, from January 2018, replaces the former Reko standard. Rex is applied to create high quality in assignments according to the concept "right from the start"

Advantages of authorized accounting consultant

- Undergo current affairs training

- Follow ethical rules

- Undergo quality control

- Hold approved liability insurance

Does your company need an accountant?

On June 21, 2010, Sweden's Riksdag passed the decision to abolish the audit obligation for smaller limited companies. By abolishing a statutory audit for smaller companies, Sweden now joins other European countries.

Both Reko and the Year-End Report follow the international standard in other EU countries where there has long been an established process of this type for quality assurance of accounting and financial reporting.

The amendment to the law on the abolition of audit duty covers private limited companies that do not exceed more than one of the following thresholds for a period of two years:

-Net turnover of SEK 3 million
- Balance sheet total of SEK 1.5 million
- 3 employees

The rules entered into force on November 1, 2010 and apply to the financial year that began from November 1, 2010. For companies with a calendar year, this means that you can opt out of auditing from 2011. For these companies, 2010-12-31 was then the last financial statement with statutory audit. The company must make an active choice by adopting new articles of association that do not include the election of an auditor.