Durability information

Sustainability affects
the financial market

Durability information

Sustainability is an important issue and greatly affects the financial market and our advice.

We have an obligation to always act in accordance with the customer's best interest, which thus includes being transparent with how we consider sustainability risks so that you as a customer can make the most informed decision possible.

Here you will therefore find information about how we at Ganthor work with sustainability risks and negative effects on sustainability factors, as well as integrating it into our advice to you as a customer.

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Insurance mediation

The concept of sustainability includes environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects, and in order to direct capital flows towards sustainable investments, the EU's disclosure regulation starts in two central parts; sustainability risks and negative effects on sustainability factors.

Sustainability risks mean environmental, social or governance-related events that can negatively affect a certain business and thus the value of your investment. Sustainability factors aim to map the reverse, i.e. the negative impact of the operations and thus your investments (if any) on e.g. environmental, social and personal issues, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery.

When we distribute insurance (equity and pension insurance) and give advice on financial investments within insurance, we will therefore ask you about your sustainability preferences.

If it is important to you that the products you invest in take sustainability into account, you will also be able to state which group(s) (environmental, social or sustainability factors) you want to be prioritized, as well as to what extent you want it to be taken into account in our advice.

However, the prerequisites are still somewhat limited, but in step with new/developed standards (taxonomies) and increasingly harmonized sustainability reporting in the insurance and financial industry, the opportunities to integrate this into our insurance distribution will become increasingly better. Our ambition is therefore to continue to develop our work so that sustainability risks and sustainability factors will in future become a natural part of the so-called suitability assessment we carry out, with the aim of finding the products that are suitable based on your particular situation and your wishes.

We have a compensation policy that regulates how our employees are compensated for the work they perform. At present, the compensation policy for our insurance intermediaries is not affected by our sustainability work.

Investment advice

As an agent affiliated with Svensk Värdepappersservice i Stockholm AB (SVP), we are covered by their sustainability declaration regarding the part of our business that constitutes investment advice. To read more about SVP's work with sustainability, see