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Capital management
If you've had enough of bank advisers who only speak warmly of their own funds or of the commission-chasing broker, Ganthor may be the right adviser for you.

All advice from Ganthor is individually adapted and based on dialogue with the individual customer. We believe in the concept of adapting the solution to the customer, not the other way around. Within wealth management, we take particular account of investment horizon, liquidity needs and risk appetite.
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Insurance advice
We at Ganthor offer professional insurance advice for both you as a private person and your company. We help you with analysis and review of your current insurance policies to ensure that you and your company are properly insured.

We are aware that life involves a variety of risks, which is why we strive to assist you with the right insurance coverage at any given time.
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Accounting & Consulting
If you are looking for a reliable accounting firm that can help you with financial statements and annual reports, or relieve you of the burden of ongoing accounting, Ganthor Ekonomi is the right choice for you. We offer a personal service where you get close contact with your personal accounting consultant.
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