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The right insurance
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The right insurance cover for you as a private person or your company.

We at Ganthor offer professional insurance advice for both you as a private person and your company. We help you with analysis and review of your current insurance policies to ensure that you and your company are properly insured.

We are aware that life involves a variety of risks, which is why we strive to assist you with the right insurance coverage at any given time.

As an independent insurance broker, we are able to offer a wide range of both risk insurance and savings insurance for both individuals and companies. When it comes to pension savings in insurance, we can offer you various options, where you can choose between several different insurance companies and management methods such as custody management, fund management or traditional life management.

We can help you with several different insurance solutions, such as health insurance, accident insurance, healthcare insurance, life insurance, occupational pension insurance, endowment insurance and companion insurance.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our services. We are happy to help you find the right insurance solutions that suit your needs and situation.

Direct pension

Direct pension can be used, among other things, when the entire deduction right for occupational pension insurance is fully used or when you want to create special pension solutions for management or other key personnel. Direct pension is regulated in an agreement between you as the employer and the employee. It is a promise of a pension that is paid out by the company at the agreed retirement age.

As security for the agreement, you as an employer take out company-owned capital insurance with us at the same time. Your company owns the insurance and the employee becomes the mortgagee. The lien serves as security if the company is unable to pay out the pension in the future for financial reasons.

Endowment insurance

Saving in capital insurance is easy and just like in pension insurance, you don't have to declare changes you make in the portfolio. Here you choose yourself who will be the beneficiary, i.e. it is not limited as in a pension insurance.

Pension risk insurance

There are many risks for the entrepreneur as a private person and for the company's employees that are difficult to predict. At the same time, the financial consequences can be tangible both for family and company if the owner or an employee becomes chronically ill or dies.

The general insurance coverage in Sweden today is not enough and the consequences can be devastating. Therefore, risk insurance is an important supplement to obtain long-term, financial security.

Occupational pension insurance

The pension you will receive in the fall of old age is based on several building blocks. Primarily, you receive a general pension ("the orange envelope"). How big this will be depends, among other things, on how long you have worked and how much you earned. Each year, 18.5 percent of your gross salary is paid into your public pension. Of this, 2.5 percent goes to your premium pension (PPM) and here you can decide for yourself how the money should be invested.

Furthermore, you also receive a pension from your employer. This is called occupational pension and it can be contractual or individual. The public pension and occupational pension generally correspond to 50 to 65 percent of your final salary if you retire at 65. If you feel that this is not enough, you can supplement with your own private savings. With us, you can choose between different insurance companies and different types of capital management (fund management or traditional life management).
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Why you should choose us

When the accident or illness occurs

We help and assist you with the administration of your insurances once the accident or illness is there.

Insurance analysis

We help you analyze your insurance needs and negotiate comparable alternatives. We make sure that you and your company are properly insured.

Companion agreement

We help you write a legally correct companionship agreement that reflects the wishes and wishes of both parties and takes care of all eventualities.